Acoustic Guitars – 30 Inch

Your guitar receives a minimum 2 hours of hand labor:

  • Hand selected
  • Meticulously inspected
  • Seasoned for 8 days to stabilize the wood
  • Hand adjusted to exacting specifications
  • Re-inspected, cleaned and polished prior to shipping

Our 30 inch guitars help young children ages 4 to 6 develop proper technique and learn good technical playing habits.
The strings are easy to press down and they are comfortable to hold and play.

Please note that “out of the box”, guitars in this size and at this price point are unplayable. We thoroughly adjust these guitars in our shop in order to make them suitable for learning on.

Although they require more time and attention than any other guitar we carry, the result is well worth it: a guitar that young children can actually play and enjoy.

What’s so special about our guitars?
How our guitars can help your child learn faster.

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