Guitar Buying Guide for Ages 12 to Adult

Buy the Best Guitar for Teens and Adults (Ages 12+)

Whether you are learning to play or are an experienced guitarist, FirstGuitar’s 40-inch and 41-inch guitars provide young adult musicians with a top-quality instrument that’s guaranteed to be among the best you’ll ever hold in your hands. Each guitar is meticulously inspected and adjusted to assure its outstanding playability and sound quality.

Unlike guitars you will buy anywhere else at the same price points, our guitars are treated in a very special and unique way and they are ready to play, right out of the box.

Your guitar receives a minimum 2 hours of hand labor:

  • Hand selected
  • Meticulously inspected
  • Seasoned for 8 days to stabilize the wood
  • Hand adjusted to exacting specifications
  • Re-inspected, cleaned and polished prior to shipping